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Why I'm Running

Let's provide limitless opportunities for our children.

  • Leadership for our future – monitor growth initiatives to make sure smart decisions are being made which will pay dividends for the next generation

  • Focus on harnessing technology – provide our children with enhanced learning opportunities

  • Smart spending – coordinate with community leaders across all of our industries to address the growth issues in a way that focuses on keeping as much funding as possible in the classroom

  • Supporting our classroom teachers – remove the red tape that keeps our teachers from focusing on their students’ academic needs

Key Issues

Transparency, communication, and thinking ahead lead to better schools.

  • Childhood Literacy – we must support our community partners in order to recruit mentors and tutors to support our teachers in grades K-3 so that our children are on track with reading before they enter the 4th grade.

  • Welcoming Parental Involvement – open lines of communication  with teachers and administrators

  • Future planning – robust parental review of individual school performance and facilities updates

  • Workforce development – investment in partnering with local industries to prepare our students to enter the labor force and compete for skilled jobs

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